ASL’s One World initiative started in 2020 and set firm Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability targets. We aim to provide marketing services that help the world's largest brands to be more sustainable with their marketing activities. We are committed to supporting local communities and being a perfect example to everyone to create a more sustainable future. 

As part of our One World initiative, we keep a range of programs that encourage gender equality, ethnic diversity, and inclusivity of under-represented groups. Some of these global projects include the Ocean Clean-up and Save the Children, but often we provide practical support to local communities. 

emmapAt ASL Global, we conduct our business responsibly and sustainably through our commitment to sustainability - Reduce our Impact, Inspire our Partners and Help Communities Flourish. We go above and beyond our obligations to ensure that we achieve our ESG targets and promote and educate others on how to do the same. says                                      Emma Pomeroy ASL's Chief Sustainability Officer.


One of our initiative is for an ASL member to take paid time off to participate in local initiatives by helping their local communities.  

Sandra Desentis, one of our colleagues in Madrid, Spain spent four hours every Friday in July helping the Fundacion Madrina foundation prepare food boxes for families with babies.  


The Fundación Madrina is a charity that protects children, women who have experienced any  violence and abuse. The foundation works to alleviate social risks that affects women such as food supply, security, health risks, and exclusion from school, work and society. 

This is the second year that Sandra has volunteered for the foundation. 

 " The main objective of this Fundacion is: Assist and help children and women, especially pregnant women or mothers with children under 3 years of age, in a situation of risk, abandonment or violence, through a comprehensive and personalized intervention for at least 18 months. In Banco del Bebe. We prepare boxes of food, fruit, vegetables, baby food and diapers to give to around 100 families each day." 

She added "It’s a great opportunity to be part of this project, we prepare boxes with the food that companies donate. The smile of the little kids and the mothers is the best thing ever." 


ASL recognizes the positive impact that even one small change can have, making a dramatic difference in the world around us.

We are proud of you Sandra and Thank You! 

Do you want to know more about ASL's DEI targets? Contact us to see how we are encouraging diversity, equity and inclusivity, both in our own business and the communities in which we operate.

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